Cultural centre and covered market

Client : Ville de Schiltigheim
Cost : 4 000 000 €
Area : 1 500 sqm

The new exhibition area forms part of an exemplary context of buildings. While affirming its contemporary dimension, it enhances the constructional and aesthetic qualities of the existing buildings on the site. By doing so it above all, it harks back to a process characteristic of the formation of our built heritage - stratification. Thus the transparent outline of the conference room contrasts with the material opaque aspect of the traditional timbered houses in the surrounding area. Its upward thrust accommodates the summer bar, an outdoor extension of the exhibition area. This generous arrangement confers an institutional status on our culture facility, which aspires above all to serve as a meeting and discussion place for everyone. Inside, the architecture and scenography work in favour of spatial versatility by offering highly effective internal functioning and adjustable lighting. The exhibition area achieves here its universal ideal as a single space with multiple uses.