Elderly housing

Client : Ville de Huningue
Cost : 4 000 000 €
Area : 2 515 sqm

The project is located on a site that has major qualities. Proximity to the Rhine, equipment already in place, and a definite quality of landscape give the place a special position. To make the project take up the least possible space so that high-quality outside areas can be released, we have opted for compactness. The building is designed as two L shapes placed back-to-back, a configuration that makes it possible to define protected outdoor areas and promote their use. On the ground floor, there is total transparency in the direction of the river right from the entrance. The hall, bathed in natural light, serves each element in the project. A prominent feature in the hall area is the wide main staircase. The mid-way landing has been designed as a lounge area. Diagonal vistas and cross-cuts have been incorporated in order to enrich the relationship between inside and outside. In this building, we have drawn a heart which federates people and brings them together.

Construction d'une unité de vie à