Performing arts center and music studios

Client : Ville de Mons-en-Barœul
Cost : 5 300 000 €
Area : 2 100 sqm

The project is located on a site that is being transformed – a site that will have an image of renewal. Although the building is on a modest scale, it must engage with the town and its new uses, offering porous areas so that it is obvious that this is an open place. Our aim is to use transparency and brightly coloured surfaces in the hall to accentuate the effects of depth and openness in the direction of the public area. A large rehearsal room on the upper floor looks down on us, in the form of an almost-open cube providing a venue for rehearsals of the philharmonic orchestra. In the evening, this room will look like a giant lantern, a benevolent landmark. We want to break away from the constantly closed image these places usually have. In contrast to the extensively glazed areas, a hall with seating for 500 (standing room for 800 if the tiers are folded up) completes the cultural centre. The hall has movable stage and acoustic arrangements, making it extremely flexible: as a result, it can be used for a wide range of purposes.