Concert Hall, Library and multicultural centre

Client : Ville de Rennes
Cost : 10 600 000 €
Area : 3 500 sqm

The project is located on a site that is being transformed – a site that will have an image of renewal. The building must engage with the town and its new uses, and stand out as an open place, inviting discovery. The building takes the form of a succession of compact, dense volumes which seem to create an upward movement in the direction of the north piazza, offering its transparencies and its landscaped hollows. The cantilever accentuates the pressure of the volumes on the empty space, thereby conferring on it the status of a public building. Placing the main concert hall of the contemporary music centre crosswise and to the south means that its entrance opens onto the park. The main entrance to the building faces the north piazza. From there, the agora feeds each individual part of the initiative, thus forming the focal point of the project, creating a visual relationship between the media library, the contemporary music centre, and the youth and culture centre by means of single, double and triple heights and three large outdoor patios.