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Thinking Color in Space
Positions, Projects, Potentials

The interaction between color and architecture determines our perception of space, and defines the tectonic relationships. The fascinating spatial potential of color, and the multi-layered dimensions of interpretation in the experience of color are design and communication means which, however, are often not fully used – color oscillates between autonomy and functional purpose, and should be understood as a distinct "material" that can be used as part of the design.

The book focuses both on the tangible aspects and design criteria of color, and on its indeterminate nature and its experience value. Using examples in art and architecture, the spatial interdependency of color is illustrated, as is its

ISSN : 978-3-0356-1596-8
éditeur : BIRKHÄUSER
auteurs : Kerstin Schultz, Hedwig Wiedermann-Tokarz, Eva Maria Herrmann
date de parution : Mars 2019
nombre de pages : 368
format : 17 x 24 cm
langues : Allemand / Anglais

mars 2019

Thinking Color in Space, 2019

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