Library in Anzin

Mark #32
Jun/Jul 2011

What’s the modern monument in 2011? In Mexico City, it’s Fernando Romero’s Museo Soumaya, which he built for his father-in-law (the world’s richest man). In Nanjing, it’s Steven Holl’s Art & Architecture Museum, which hasn’t yet been visited despite being completed for years. In Russia, it’s David Adjaye’s Moscow School of Management. Meanwhile, Sandra Hiari wonders if Amman will ever be a truly walkable city, and biographer Franz Schulze digs into the private lives of famous architects.


Cross Section On Design, Make Architects, Jun Igarashi, Oscar Niemeyer, Dominique Coulon & associés, Fuhrimann Haechler, J. Mayer H., Triptyque, Woods Bagot, Kadawittfeld, Suppose Design, BOPBAA