Sports Hall

Client : Ville de Strasbourg
Cost : 4 100 000 €
Area : 2 660 sqm

Apart from the architectural and functional qualities of the building itself, the project is balanced and engaged in a dialogue with the European School. It prolongs the logic of the fragmentary elements already in place. The volumes of the two halls are dissociated and pivoted, which makes it possible to position the large hall to best advantage. The large bays face north and south, which is the best way of controlling natural light. The full depth of the plot of land is used; the building has a shorter frontage towards the street, with greater porosity in the direction of the landscape. The principle is to surround the two halls in an almost transparent programme-based crown shape. The project has a delicate, lightweight appearance, instituting a precious dialogue with nature. The presence of plants and the resulting quality of light give the different areas great preciousness and elegance.