Public Library

Client : Ville de Pélissanne
Cost : 2 470 000 €
Area : 1 000 sqm

The new media library is part of an extremely rich context: the geographical location is ideal as the project is set in a beautiful park, and the existing architecture is of good quality. The new section must not disfigure or burden what already exists. Preserving the original character of the main section of the building leaves us with greater freedom to develop the extension. We are setting up a subtle dialogue between architectural styles of different periods. It is only the architectural style that differentiates the two periods; the new extension continues the mineral aspect of the existing building. We felt installing the most demanding initiatives freely in the extension was an obvious choice, as this provides greater spatial flexibility. Thus the ground floor opens extensively onto the park, making it possible to blend into the landscape. There is a completely different ambience on the upper floor, produced by projecting the area into the branches of the majestic plane tree. The creation of this place provides an opportunity to transform the heritage aspect of the site into an invitation to enter a dream world.

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