Théodore Gouvy Theater

Client : Communauté de Communes Freyming-Merlebach
Cost : 7 700 000 €
Area : 2 850 sqm

The theatre instigates an energetic dialogue with the urban landscape; it folds to adapt to the context and logic of its traffic flows. Placed on a plinth, it stands alongside the new municipal offices; the unusual arrangement of its volume gives it an elegant silhouette, the lines of which ensure visual transition between the various parts of the project while respecting the scale of the town. Visitors have the advantage of the animated interplay of volumes: in the upper section the foyer curves round to channel visitors towards the entrance, while in the lower section transparent areas allow glimpses of the wealth of internal traffic routes and constitute an invitation to come inside. This generosity is also to be found inside the building. In the auditorium, each member of the audience enjoys optimum visibility; the transition areas are flooded with natural light, varying with the movement of the sun. This evolutive, dynamic spatial arrangement echoes the very image of the theatre.