High school

Client : Région Alsace
Cost : 4 560 000 €
Area : 9 000 sqm

This new educational complex contains a multi-purpose room, the new medico-social sciences spaces, the student daily activity spaces, school canteen et different class rooms. The extension is located at the property limit, to keep the project footprint in the classified natural and historic site as fluid as possible, while ensuring an strong presence towards the exterior - symbolism of the public service role. A common basement asserts the sat of this complex, a common material - the brick - the continuity in the time. The extension, detached from the villa Rosier Blanc by a glass fault, which unifies the different times while respecting them, has a height of ledge equal to his. On the inside, peace reigns while offering the monumental composition elements, moderated by the soft light that spreads in profusion by the direct or zenithal openings, or by the redans which form so many miniature patios.