High School

Client : Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin
Cost : 4 560 000 €
Area : 5800 sqm

The 'Collège Pasteur' is perceived as a unitary building. Only practice can reveal its richness. Indeed, if to the exterior it wields a function (force of the institution), the interior it's a conductive place for awakening, supported by the sophisticated architectural notions. There's a disconnection between the volume perception of the project and the real experience we might find visiting it. By the privileged views, by a contrasted journey, the project affirms itself as revealing teacher of discovering. All architecture own methods are set in place, with its light, transparency, journeys, for the awakening of users. Our approach associates architecture to landscape generating new uses. We have conceived this high school as an initiation laboratory that allows each view to become the base of the educational experience. Finally we're committed to put in place spaces in way to install serenity.