René Beauverie School group, kindergarden, day nursery and sports hall

Client : Ville de Vaulx-en-Velin
Cost : 11 200 000 €
Area : 5 463 sqm

‘René Beauverie’ integrated school facilities, Vaulx-en-Velin

The project offers a harmonious and functional urban unit. The school group is organised rationally, proposing a style of architecture that affirms its status as a public building. The base with its multiple hollows contrasts with the substantial horizontal line of the elementary school extending out over the forecourt. This thin, transparent line frames the sky and imparts a great deal of gentleness to the whole.

Everything is done so that the school is a place of beauty and sharing. Thus the four elements of the project are organised in a strict and rational fashion. The forecourt makes it possible to position all the entrances to achieve smooth access. The sport hall acts as a signal, casting its light outwards over the surrounding neighbourhood, while the multipurpose hall serves as a pivot between the town and the forecourt.

The traffic flows of the different age groups are kept separate, ensuring calm functionality. Access to the nursery school and the crèche is via a hall. There are two possibilities for entering the elementary school: one direct access to the playground via a monumental staircase, and alternative access via an entrance hall on the ground floor. Although the building has great depth, it always offers outside views and remains in contact with the landscape.

Groupe scolaire, multi-accueil, RAM et salle de spo