Paris 12



Client : Ville de Paris
Cost : 2 020 000 €
Area : 1 068 sqm

Resctructuring at the Edouard Robert nursery. The rehabilitation intends to give a playful aspect to the existing building redefining the perception of the interiors spaces. The true concern of integration between the facade and the context, allows certain kind of height homogenization of the street elevation. The facade it's being modified to reveal the existing basement and to align the cornice to the adjacent building. The facade composition takes into consideration two ideas concerning the street : First one the horizontal lines are linked to the composition mode of neighboring buildings; Second one, it reveals the street slope while integrating the diagonal lines. The project offers exterior views to the children at their eye height : Low windows are used in the learning rooms. At the rear of the building, an exterior wooden passageway links the existing emergency staircase. Placed in the south facade it works as an extension of the interior spaces linking them with the playground.