Multipurpose cultural complex

Client : Commune de Benfeld Cost : 4 100 000 € H.T. Area : 1400 m2

Our approach was to integrate these extraordinary landscape assets into the design of the project; it was the beauty of the landscape that guided our architectural choices. Thus, the built volumes recede towards the east of the site, largely freeing up the perspective on the Muhlbach. Indeed, between the reception hall and the cultural complex, we preserve a 25-metre opening; the building is installed as far as possible on the left of this perspective.

This unitary building, accompanied by its public space, offers a wealth of uses in a singular spatial simplicity. The built volumes echo the landscape, which is the basis of the project's architectural choices. The Benfeld cultural complex is integrated into its site in all humility but does not apologise for its existence. What it offers to see and experience will make its reputation.