Partial reconstruction of the Fernand Maître school group

Client : SIVOS du Fond de Rousse Cost : 5 700 000 € H.T Area : 2 500 sq.m.

The main challenge was to achieve coherence between the overall functioning, the topography and the links with the existing restoration. The new school is thus harmoniously integrated into the site. The project, which is both functional and original, takes advantage of the site and draws all its strength from it, in order to better establish itself in its setting. The proximity of the programme has been scrupulously respected.

The functioning of the project is clear. All the spaces serve the educational purpose, they awaken all the senses. What we have designed here is a generous and virtuous project. Our architecture seeks to create spaces where it is good to live, we design places that encourage exchanges, places that serve education. For us, the key word is comfort of use, conviviality and well-being. Our architecture is generous, it reveals itself and takes on its full meaning under the light and the use.