Library and after-school care centre

Contracting owner: Commune de Gries
Cost: 2 400 000 € H.T
Surface area: 900 sq. m.

It was clear to us that the harmonious integration of the new project relies on the existing landscape and how to better reveal it. To do this, we worked with the heritage vocabulary of the site and its materials to create an enriching dialogue between the two entities. This project is above all a search for coherence, a volumetric coherence, a coherence of the void as well.

The spaces we have designed have beautiful proportions and volumes, offering a unique experience to its users. What interests us in the design of the interior volumes of this project is a precise work on the qualities of light and space. Spaces that will be spacious and pleasant to live in. We want to qualify a place, give it an atmosphere and provide a real experience of use. Through the project, through our drawings, we wish to reveal the architecture of the existing building, we wish to highlight its historical and poetic dimension by proposing a generous project.