Contracting owner: Ville de Taverny
Cost: 5 230 000 € H.T
Surface area: 2 860 sq. m.

For us, the new facility must become the centre of gravity of the system, its attractiveness must be obvious. With a crossing hall, we have neither front nor back, but a building that opens up on all sides, a project that radiates. To give a signal and a specific identity to the weight room, we designed a vault that also covers the players' entrance. This beautiful volumetry stands out, like a parallelepiped, it makes a signal and produces a very beautiful space for the practice of this sport. We seek to give each space a specific and strong identity. Through the volume, the colours and the materials, we want to reveal a very particular atmosphere and quality so that each place can be appropriated and loved. What we are looking for here is to create a room with a strong identity, an elegance that will establish its reputation. With the help of simple and controlled means, our project will offer everyone the greatest comfort of use, both acoustic and visual. Everything will be done to make this project a reference.