Rehabilitation and extension of the ‘Hôtel des Postes‘

Contracting owner: SCI Tertiaire Mixte
Cost: 21 450 000 € H.T
Surface area: 18 000 sq. m.

We felt it was important to find an answer that seemed both simple and above all obvious in the site. We had to find the right scale in order to obtain a certain urban accuracy. A volume whose plan design articulates all the directions of the existing building. Our response counterbalances the scale of the existing building. This new extension is strategically positioned in the city and has a strong urban responsibility. With its rounded corners, although imposing, the building appears relatively gentle. It seems to be receding to better highlight the historic buildings. The landscape dimension is very important for this project. The large terrace that we propose is both a place for the landscape and a place to encourage exchanges. What we are trying to do is to imagine an architecture in harmony with the users of the city.