Teaching and Learning Centre for the University of Tübingen

Contracting owner: Land de Bade-Wurtemberg
Cost: 70 000 000 € H.T
Surface area: 13 556 sq. m.

What we have sought here is dialogue, the resonance of the silhouettes in relation to each other. The project brings the future users and the landscape into synergy, offering balcony views of the surrounding protected natural areas, the valley and the exceptional landscapes of the Black Forest. By choosing to gather the elements of the program in three volumes of different proportions and heights, we offer the landscape a new silhouette. The volumes have different colours. What is important to us here is to establish a dialogue between nature and architecture, while controlling the scale to avoid the effect of gigantism. In order to achieve a high level of architectural and urban coherence, these three volumes are linked together by an architecturally assertive base, which houses the most public and noble areas of the project. This base is deformed to offer generous spaces open to the landscape, creating a sense of scale and contemplation. The volumes containing the teaching and administrative spaces stand out through their formal purity and seem to float on the partially glazed base. The overhang of the emerging volume, in the southern part, reinforces this impression of lightness. The buildings seem to be submerged in the vegetation, nature intrudes into the interstices that we generate.