'Crossings', the office's second monograph


"The writing of Dominique Coulon & Associés, nominated twice for the Mies van der Rohe award, reflects the agency’s work in connection with different contextual postures and the construction of complex spatial relationships. In circumstances that are often difficult, buildings add value to their locations, transforming them. This book explores the public dimension of architecture taking a new look at the eclectic work of Dominique Coulon; his production of public buildings illustrates the complexity of his architectural approach. Dominique Coulon plays with context, light, and materiality to produce public places that are detailed and welcoming. The areas he proposes affect and accompany the body. His architecture is part of a dynamic relationship, mobilising the senses to propose a specific universe, which may be cheerful, or dramatic. These spaces serve the public dimension of his architecture."

Actar Publishers Languages : English Nomber of pages : 352 Format : 23,5 x 29 cm Cover: hard cover ISBN FR: 9781948765329 ISBN EN: 9781948765312

Photographs : © Eugeni Pons, © Jean-Marie Monthiers, © Patrick Miara, © Clément Guillaume

Architecture Masterprize 2020


The Pierre Bottero media library, Pélissanne Park and Passage is the winner in the cultural equipment category.

The René Beauverie school group in Vaulx-en-Velin won in the public facilities category.

The Olympe de Gouges school group in Gidy received an honourable mention in the public facilities category.

Architect, not Architecture


Virtual World Tour – France Edition

Starting in November 2020, we will take a Virtual World Tour and “visit” selected countries around the world to meet some of their most relevant architects. Now that we can not meet you and our speakers at a fully booked auditorium, we will bring the speakers directly to your homes and offices!

At our fourth event of the tour, we will “visit” France and meet two of its most remarkable architects.

december 8th, 7 to 8h30pm


Third prize, ACD Awards 2020 - Re-Thinking the Future


René Beauverie group of school in Vaulx-en-Velin was awarded third prize at the ACD Awards 2020 in the built public equipment category.



Faced with the containment imposed on everyone to counter the spread of the Covid-19 virus, many architects have had to adapt their practice and work methods to this new pace of life. The "Confiné.e.s" series gives them a voice, questioning their vision of the situation - but also their cultural recommendations. - French-language

TC Cuadernos 140 - first monograph of the office


The work included in this publication covers different public programs ranging from schools, theaters, specialized residences, sports centers or libraries where, through plans and axonometric, explains the keys of its buildings, materials in its outer shell of exposed concrete , that exploit a world of interior color without visual concessions, of an exultant rotundity.

Collection : TC Cuadernos
Number : 140
Langages : Français, anglais et espagnol
Pages : 336
Size : 23 x 29,5 cm
Cover : souple
ISBN: 978-84-17753-01-6

Photography : © Eugeni Pons, © Jean-Marie Monthiers, © Patrick Miara, © Clément Guillaume

Tuesday, April 23 at 19 pm

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Meet Dominique Coulon at the Quai des Brumes bookstore in Strasbourg

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