Administrative District Renovation

Client : D.D.E du Bas-Rhin
Cost : 4 682 919 €
Area : 6683 sqm

The Gaujot state administrative district is a mixed of architecturally neutral buildings. The quality of the intervention resides in the quality of the public spaces. The neighborhood has already a problem in terms of image. We have developed our thought in terms of public space. The quality of this space is from our point of view the first sequence of buildings. It's the one that prepares visitors, the one that sets the tone. The courtyard has abundant vegetation. Eleven European species of trees have been planted. We've re-introduced grass to the image of the existing courtyards, tree trunks serve as benches. During summer, the garden is complemented with rhododendrons. This new garden has an educational role. It represents the institution. It brings shadow and coolness in summer, it becomes the center of interaction of the district.