Kindergarten in Marmoutier

Michelle Galindo
Braun Publishing Hardcover with dust jacket
22.5 x 29.5 cm
272 pages
570 colored pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-049-0


Kindergarten in Sighartstein, Austria (Kadawittfeldarchitektur)
Els Colors in Barcelona, Spain (RCR Arquitectes)
Taka-Tuka-Land in Berlin, Germany (Baupiloten)
Bubbletecture M in Shiga, Japan (Shuhei Endo)
Kindergarten in Marmoutier, France (Dominique Coulon & associés Architects)

Today's kindergartens are characterized by ample space for play and movement, opportunities for creative work as well as colorful room and façade design. In collaboration with educators and architects, interior and open spaces are being developed that according to need, encourage and inspire children to romp, play, or live out a fantasy. The focus of contemporary kindergarten architecture is based on the needs of the children, for whom the rooms, furniture and gardens are designed.

This title presents projects from around the world that have imaginatively and impressively mastered this architectural challenge. The featured kindergartens, day care and pre-school facilities show how the design of interiors and grounds appropriate for children fosters their joy in creative play and learning.

article sur l’école maternelle de Marmoutier

The geometrical simplicity of the building and the widespread use of natural materials reveal this kindergarten’s respectful relationship with its environment. Fences are made of dried heather and the grounds are covered in fine sand, while a basin in the middle of the school collects rainwater. All five classrooms benefit from two orientations which allow natural light and ventilation to flow into the rooms. A cell measures the exact quantity of light necessary, there by eliminating superfluous energy consumption. Aside from the environmental aspects, the spaces themselves are the key concept of the project : they are varied, playful and scaled to the children who use them.