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International Yearbook
AWA Award Winning Architecture, 1998/99
by Prestel Verlag
ISBN 3-7913-1992-2
ISSN 1430-9459

Synopsis: Architecture enthusiasts try as they might to stay abreast of design trends, but encounter a common problem: too much information, and too little time to read it. Award Winning Architecture: International Yearbook 1998/99 presents the solution in a one-of-a-kind publication that gathers together all the year's best architecture in a single gorgeously illustrated, thoughtfully compiled volume.

Instead of wading through hundreds of trade journals, with Award Winning Architecture, the reader has a useful tool at his or her fingertips: information on new directions in international style and technological developments; an index organized by building type, useful for the designer searching for an answer to a particular problem; and a "who's who" in architecture sorted by the year's paradigmatic works.

The stunning "new-look" Award Winning Architecture documents and celebrates the most innovative, striking, and interesting buildings in the world. With its elegant design, the book, like its contents, is not only practical and informative, but also representative, ideal as a sourcebook as well as a gift.