Home for dependent elderly people and nursing home in Orbec

I-Hospital & Welfare

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Page : 636 pages
Language : English
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Publisher : Kwang-young Kim
Editor : Ji-young Kim, Jin-ah Lee
Designer : Jea-Hyon Cho, Sang-kyung Jeong, Bo-ra Choi

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With rising demand for medical care and welfare, this new edition of ′I-HOSPITAL&WELFARE′ introduces hospital, welfare facility, nursing home and childcare center recently completed in the world. With a total of 82 works, it contains an abundance of floor plans, elevations, sections, diagrams and detail drawings to help readers understand projects. It will be used as the practical guide book and the inspirational archive to give the latest design trends.

의료, 복지에 대한 관심이 증가하는 수요에 맞춰 올해 새롭게 선보인 ‘I-Hospital&Welfare’는 전 세계 최근 완공된 의료·복지·요양·어린이집을 소개하고 있다. 총 80여개의 작품을 담아 건축 내·외부 사진과 함께 평면도, 입면도, 단면도, 상세도, 다이어그램 등을 풍부하게 수록하여 프로젝트에 대한 보다 깊이 있는 이해를 돕고 있다. 견고하고 묵직한 분량의 아카이브로서 건축 전공 대학(원)생 및 건축 관련 종사자들에게는 든든한 소장가치와 새로운 아이디어를 제공하고, 일반인들에게는 최신 디자인 동향을 살펴볼 수 있는 실용서로 활용될 것이다.


DZNE German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases
CHU Sainte-Justine
Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care
May Dream Women′s Hospital
University of Arizona Cancer Center
Valenzá Healthcare Center
Le 1650
Rey Juan Carlos, the New Hospital of Móstoles
Reception spaces of the Ospedale del Mare
Christ Hospital Joint and Spine Center
Ng Teng Fong General Hospital
Purfleet Clinic
Gagua Clinic
Ezra Lemarpe Medical Rehabilitation Center
Ambulance Station in Zeist
Yonginjeil Obstetrics & Gynecology
Zaans Medical Center
Gongneung Public Health Center
Sieff Hospital
Kraemer Radiation Oncology Center
Physical Therapy Clinic in Sol street
Primary Healthcare Center in Sant Cosme
New University Hospital in Aarhus
Lismore Base Hospital
Wuzhen Medical Park
Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal
Hisham A. Alsager Cardiac Center
Centro di Medicina
CNS Hospital
KU Leuven’s University Psychiatric Center
Junggok General Health Center
Psychiatric Hospital in Slagelse
Psychological Medical Center
Lamprich Center
Supply Center at University Hospital Graz
Harvey Pediatric Clinic
Wallan Veterinary Hospital
Dental Practice DuoDent
Santafe de Bogotá Foundation
Brugmann Hospital
Queens Hospital Emergency Medical Station 50
Mokpo Woori Hospital
Ali Mohammed T. Al-Ghanim Clinic

Housing and health care complex Eltheto
Coppel & Piekarski Family Disability Respite Center
SIX Veterans Housing
Training Recreation Education Center
Sarepta Evangelical Institution for the Disabled
Home for Dependent Elderly People and Nursing Home in Orbec
Elderly Home in Sint-Genesius-Rode
Houses for Elderly People in Alcácer do Sal
Residential Care Home Erika Horn
Housing for the elderly in Aldeamayor de San Martin
Urban Hospice
Assisi Hospice
National Youth Didim Center
Casa Verde Young Women′s Care Home for Mental Health Problems
Institute for the blind
Epilepsy Residential Care Home
Yeongju Senior Center

Toranoko Nursery
Amanenomori Nursery School
Jixian Kindergarten
Nursery and Primary School in Saint-Denis
Nursery in Guastalla
Chrysalis Childcare Center
Šmartno Timeshare Kindergarten
Paradise of Color
Hobsonville Point Early Learning Center
Headwaters Elementary School
Gold Street Children′s Center
Pre/Post-school Childcare Unit
Clover House
Maison de la Petite Enfance
Fukumasu Base
Chuon Chuon Kim Kindergarten
Dodam Nursery
Tetris Nursery
Children′s Home of the Future