Housing for the elderly in Huningue

Periphery: The Architectural Review
Issue 1461 May 2019
ISSN : 0003-861X
Price : £15.99

Candalepas Associates | Estudio Teddy Cruz + Fonna Forman | Jean Renaudie / Renée Gailhoustet | 6a Architects | Dominique Coulon & Associés | Nøysom Arkitekter | Reyner Banham

This month’s Reputations is on Reyner Banham, whose technological modernisms have unfolded into a post-human condition in which remote or once-peripheral places become rigorously connected: such is the case in Chinese Taobao villages, now networked centres for e-commerce. In this issue’s Outrage, Lesley Lokko reflects on how student protests in South Africa have re-centered debate from the margins to the heart of power, and appraising the elder end of the populous, Catherine Slessor finds that while elderly people are often placed at a physical (and existential) edge, Dominique Coulon’s retirement home in Basel is a sheltered site of graceful withdrawal.