La Courneuve, Anzin and Maizières-les-Metz projects

GLOBAL DESIGN TRENDS IN ARCHITECTURE ThinkArchit 2012 article sur le conservatoire de musique et la salle festive de Maizières-les-Metz, le groupe scolaire Joséphine-Baker de La Courneuve et la médiathèque d'Anzin

Global Design Trends in Architecture – Volume I
Editor: ThinkArchit Group
Publication Date: 2011.10
Press: Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press ISBN: 978-7-5609-7264-0

Every architectural work has different characteristics, breeding different cultural connotations and displaying peculiar design styles. Some buildings advocate nature, focusing on the creation of artistic conception. Some buildings have intense modern atmosphere, very fashionable and advanced. Some buildings have appropriate layout, possessing strong functionality. Some buildings have exquisite and ingenious designs, performing dynamic space. The editor selected more than 100 design works leading architectural trends from China and abroad, covering various areas such as commerce, office, culture, sports, industry, traffic, hospital, science and research, etc. This book presents and analyzes these buildings through high-quality photographs and detailed architectural floor plans, elevations, section drawings and sketch drawings with the purpose to explore the common starting point of excellent designers in design process, display how architectural designs can transcend the limits of culture and time and entrust the readers with an approach in analysis and thinking.

每一个建筑作品都有着不同的个性特征,孕育着不同的文化内涵,呈现着独特的设计风格。有的建筑崇尚自然,注重意境的烘托;有的建筑现代气息浓厚,时尚而前 卫;有的建筑由繁到简、布局合理,具有极强的功能性;有的建筑由简入繁、精致巧妙,空间灵动,富有生机。编者在国内外选取了100 多例引领建筑潮流的设计作品,涵盖了商业、办公、文化、教育、体育、工业、交通、医疗、科研等领域。本书通过高质量的案例照片和翔实的建筑平面图、立面 图、剖面图以及构思草图对这些建筑进行呈现、分析,旨在发掘优秀建筑师在设计构思过程中的共同着眼点,展现建筑设计如何超越文化和时代的界限,并尽可能给 予读者一种分析思考的方法,帮助建筑专业的学生们和建筑师们在读过本书之后,进一步开拓眼界和思维,激发自己的设计灵感,从而引发新的建筑设计风潮。