Restructuring and extension of the municipal media library

Client : Ville d'Anglet
Cost : 6 540 450 € H.T.
Area : 2 365 m2

The existing media library has lost its architectural appeal. Set back from the public space and equipped with a very confidential entrance, the current media library is too inconspicuous. In fact, it no longer attracts the curiosity of the eye.

For us, a third place library is an open and transparent space, generous and luminous. What we are proposing is a unitary architecture, an architecture that blends with the existing in order to offer a unique contemporary image. In a desire to work with what is already there, without wiping the slate clean, the new volumes have been designed to echo and resonate with the existing. In order to bring all the volumes into harmony with each other, we have put in place an architectural device that blurs the boundaries between old and new, making it impossible to distinguish between what belongs to the existing and what belongs to the new project. This new volumetric coherence creates a new place, a new building that is visible.

It is a contemporary tool for access to culture for all, an invitation to stroll around and a singular place that is both peaceful and solemn.