Laureate of Palmarès 2015-2016 DRAC d’Alsace and CAUE67


As part of the Palmarès 2015-2016 de l’Architecture et de l’aménagement urbain d’Alsace, organized by the DRAC d’Alsace and the CAUE67, Dominique Coulon & associés has been honored as Lauréat in "educational public buildings" category groupe scolaire Saint-Jean à Strasbourg.

may 2016


Strasbourg, France

Dialogue / architect / artist / fablab / construction company


Part of the Trophée Béton, Dominique Coulon will give a lecture titled "Dialogue architectes / artistes / fablab / entreprise". Taking as an example the Conservatoire Henri Dutilleux à Belfort, he will disscus about the link between art and architecture with artists Max Coulon and Gabriel Khokha who acheived the the treatement of the facades

march 26th at 19:00pm

Trophée Béton

Maison de l’architecture en Ile-de-France, 148 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75 010 Paris.

detail - "Wohnen im Alter"


Le projet d'EHPAD de Pont-sur-Yonne est mis à l'honneur dans le cadre de l'exposition intitulée "Wohnen im Alter" orgnaisée par DETAIL. La présentation met en avant des projets au concept innovant en matière d'habitat pour personnes agées.

from march 8th to 10th

DETAIL > exhibition Wohnen im Alter

Bühne „Wohnen & Quartier“, CONNECT Fläche, Halle 19, Messe Altenpflege 2016, Hannover

Sports Hall in Strasbourg

Laying the foundation stone

The foundation stone of the future sports hall at the entrance to the Robertsau district, facing the European institutions, was laid on January 30. This new equipment will be equipped with thermal qualities to limit its energy consumption. On a surface of 5000 sqm, the future sporting equipment will include a gymnasium and a multipurpose room. The delivery is scheduled for the school year 2017. In the large room, the ground can be divided into three and accommodate among others: basketball, volleyball, badminton. The floor is designed to accommodate the practice of disabled sports and sports on wheels. In the adjoining room, the ground will be dedicated to dance, gymnastics and martial arts. The local gymnasium will not only be reserved for the 1,200 pupils of the European school, it will also be accessible, outside school time, to the sports training of neighborhood associations.

sam 30 janv 2016

2 Route de la Wantzenau, 67000 Strasbourg

Lecture Universität Tübingen


As part of the series of lectures organized by the University of History and Art Tuebingen in collaboration with the Chamber of Architects ; Dominique Coulon will give a lecture Tuesday, December 8th, 2015 at 20h entitled Clarity and Complexity . The Tuebingen's University series of lectures have invited wide acclaimed architects from around the world with an audience of 300 people at each conference. Several renowned international architects preceded Dominique Coulon such as Zaha Hadid , Richard Meier, Daniel Libeskind , Peter Zumthor , James Stirling, Ben van Berkel , Wang Shu or Sou Fujimoto. This year today's French architecture is in the spotlight : Architektur Heute in Frankreich.

decembert 8th 2015 at 20:00pm

Read more form architekturzeitung

Kunsthistorisches Institut Bursagasse 1 72070 Tübingen

Theater in Freyming-Merlebach

under construction

The theater in Freyming-Merlebach instigates an energetic dialogue with the urban landscape; it folds to adapt to the context and logic of its traffic flows. Placed on a plinth, it stands alongside the new municipal offices; the unusual arrangement of its volume gives it an elegant silhouette, the lines of which ensure visual transition between the various parts of the project while respecting the scale of the town. Visitors have the advantage of the animated interplay of volumes: in the upper section the foyer curves round to channel visitors towards the entrance, while in the lower section transparent areas allow glimpses of the wealth of internal traffic routes and constitute an invitation to come inside. This generosity is also to be found inside the building. In the auditorium, each member of the audience enjoys optimum visibility; the transition areas are flooded with natural light, varying with the movement of the sun. This evolutive, dynamic spatial arrangement echoes the very image of the theatre.

04 novembre 2015

Voir le chantier en cours

Avenue des Alliés, 57800 Freyming-Merlebach

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